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Esther Agbaje

I help ambitious creatives navigate freelancing and earn a living from anywhere in the world

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About Sade Adebayo

I’m Sade!

Freelance Coach, Web Developer and Author.

My mission is to support freelancers to build a life they truly love by teaching them how to earn and live a life of abundance through TESTED and PROVEN strategies.

In 2016, I started freelancing, earned five figures and I’ve helped freelancers navigate how to start a freelance careeer both on and off Upwork.

I can teach you how to get high paying clients, build a thriving freelance business and live on your terms.

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You feel like you have the skills that can earn you money online but you’re constantly struggling to get new clients as a freelancer

  • You want an expert to point you in the right direction on how to start a freelance career
  • You’re stuck at where you are financially and want to begin to earn an income
  • You’re tired of playing small with your digital skills and want to land high paying jobs
  • You want to learn how to get hired on Upwork and soar above the competition
  • You desire to live on your terms working successfully from anywhere in the world
Does this sound like you?

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I'll work with you to grow and scale your freelance business to generate more revenue and bring in more clients

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Winning on Upwork

Winning on Upwork

Get access to job landing proposal templates that earned me over $8,000 and 7 Beginner freelance mistakes to avoid

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Earn Online Masterclass

Earn Online Masterclass

Learn the techniques you need to build an outstanding freelance career online

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101 Jobs on Upwork

101 Jobs on Upwork

Discover 101 jobs that can earn you money on Upwork and their average hourly rates

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Build a Freelance Business You Love

Discover the skills you need to start freelancing

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Start earning money than ever

Create a brand that attracts clients

Learn how to dominate the Upwork platform

Have a flexible work schedule

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Build a freelance business you love

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Just a session with her changed everything for me

I’m so glad I signed up to a coaching session with Sade. I had been struggling to get on Upwork for close to 3 years now and just a session with her and giving pointers on how to improve my profile changed everything for me. I’m just so excited and it goes to show that information is power. Thank you Sade. I’m truly grateful.

Adeola O.

Virtual Assistant

After one session, I finally got accepted on Upwork

So I’ve been struggling to get my Upwork profile approved since 2020, I got rejected like 3 times but after one session and some extremely useful tips from Sade, I finally got accepted, I’m so excited. Thank you so much!

Theresa A.

Freelancer, Upwork

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