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If you want to gain valuable knowledge and expert strategies that help you go from an unbooked to booked freelancer, then YES, my coaching is for you!

  • You’ve heard about earning online as a freelancer and you want to know the services to offer
  • You want the secrets to land jobs on Upwork and begin earning as a freelancer
  • You want to develop your freelance career but are unsure of the steps to take
  • You need clarity on how to market your freelance business to get clients
  • You want to be better at time management and successful carry out client projects

I'm here to guide you

I help smart, talented people like you take the plunge into freelancing and become their own boss.

My goal is to give you the freedom to earn the income you want without having to rely on a 9-5 career.

I'll give you actionable steps on how to land high-ticket clients while working from home or anywhere in the world.

Say no more, I'm in!
I'm here to guide you
Adeola O.

Irene U.

Branding Expert

The coaching session exceeded my expectation and I learnt so much

As a brand communication professional living in Nigeria and building my business on Instagram, I needed an alternative platform to build with ready clients and an avenue to earn in dollars.

In my search for this, I came across Sade and decided to book a session after many months of consideration.
The coaching session exceeded my expectation and I learnt so much;from how to position myself on Upwork with an amazing profile, to how to send proposals, how to navigate the platform, down to tiny details such as creating a calendly link

Sade is an amazing professional that really wants to see you succeed and after the consultation she kept in touch to make sure I executed.

Practical steps just for you

My one-on-one coaching is personalized for your needs. Depending on where you are in your journey, we'll go over all or some of these


Gain clarity on the skills and services you should offer as a freelancer

Adeola O.


Learn how to market yourself in the most compelling way to leads

Adeola O.


Get the knowledge you need to position yourself to get hired on Upwork

Adeola O.


Start setting your prices more confidently and get paid the value you provide

Adeola O.


Create a portfolio and build a brand that helps you stand out from competition

Adeola O.

Client Management

Nurture client relationships, foster loyalty and boost your business revenue

Adeola O.
Become an expert

Become an expert freelancer

I'll work with you to stand out to clients by developing your ability to demonstrate and produce quality work confidently.

Become an expert
Yes! Show me how
Adeola O.

Adeola A.

Virtual Assistant

Just a session with her changed everything for me

I’m so glad I signed up to a coaching session with Sade.

I had been
struggling to get on Upwork for close to 3 years now and just a session with her and giving pointers on how to improve my profile changed everything for me.

I’m just so excited and it goes to show that information is power.
Thank you Sade. I’m truly grateful.

Your Investment

Each strategy call is held virtually via Zoom, just me and you in a super fun and casual setting!

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